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Image of Longsword Commission / deposit

Longsword Commission / deposit

$1,500.00 — Sold out

I will be forging a limited number of medieval European longswords in early October.

The Oakeshott type Xa is based on a piece in the Wallace Collection, and will be the same as the sword in these photos. Blackened pommel and guard. Herringbone pattern wire wrapped handle. The tang is peened over at the base of the pommel, so the fittings are not removable.

The Oakeshott type X will be a standard Viking Era blade. Single handed, with a wide fuller running the length of the blade, and cast bronze fittings. It will feature a lobelated pommel and leather wrapped handle.

Each sword will be sent out with a handmade steel wall hanger and care instructions.

These are fully functional swords, forged to shape, professionally hardened and tempered, with a live edge. They are not meant for reenactment or combat sports, and damage incurred through these activities will not be repaired by the maker.

The full cost for each sword is $3,000. Deposits will be handled here, and the second payment (along with shipping) will be due when the pieces are ready to ship.

Image of Longsword Commission / deposit